Women in Procurement – Modern Slavery Panel

On 1 May I am sitting on a panel on Modern Slavery at a conference in Sydney.

The Conference is Women in Procurement, co-organised by CIPS Australasia, and the purpose is to advance and empower women in procurement, while sharing best in class knowledge. As a female entrepreneur and business owner delivering sustainable supply chain services, there are a number of reasons why I am very pleased to be on this panel.

Promoting women and gender equality while being able to help reduce the abhorrent practice of Modern Slavery, is at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of reasons, but being sought out to voice my ideas also gives us the chance to showcase the esteem in which our team at Zoic is held and what we have to contribute in this respect.

Specifically I am proud that we have a team with on the ground experience in the supply chain, working with hundreds of factories in at-risk countries, remediating cases of child and bonded labour, which means that in addition to desk research we also know what works in practice.

Our team has translated strategies into real life actions, resulting in true improvements for businesses and the people working in the supply chain. Our team has experience in delivering large projects in China, Asia, Europe and North America, putting boots on the ground and getting the results.

So why me, you may ask? Well, the easy answer is that they asked me, the more profound is the work we do and that our team has substance.

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