Sustainability Governance

The capacity to demonstrate sustainability governance is increasingly important for meeting customer demands. sustainability governance typically covers non-financial aspects of a business, including environmental, social and governance management. Practically, this entails managing enterprise risk and compliance with internal and external rules, processes, standards, reporting requirements.

We help you meet your customer and key stakeholder demands for opportunities, risk and compliance. We identify opportunities for our clients to improve their operations through our sustainability performance improvement and management services, which cover:

  • Materiality and risk assessment;
  • Non-financial reporting (including sustainability reports);
  • Monitoring & evaluation of existing sustainability programs;
  • Development of internal ratings systems, to improve sustainability governance over time;
  • Development/review of policies, strategy and procedures, including KPI development;
  • Sustainable supply chain risk management;
  • Human rights management systems;
  • Product innovation, operational efficiency and lifecycle assessments (for carbon, water, energy, resource and waste management); and
  • Communication and reporting, including a program of self-assessment and continual review.

We align your CSR efforts to measures typically used in ESG ratings, i.e. MSCI, Sustainalytics, Thomson Reuters, DJSI, to drive maximum impact.