Developing Sustainability Assurance Programmes

Of parallel importance to setting sustainability metrics is ensuring that transparent and timely reporting outlines any progress. Having a sustainability assurance programme can help companies showcase integrity and maintain a license to operate.

We can help you with:

  1. Developing  Corporate Sustainability Performance Manual/Requirements
  2. Developing  Corporate Sustainability Assurance Programme, Performance Requirements and Measures.
  3. Developing  internal benchmarks for corporate sustainability performances and reporting templates.
  4. Internal training for corporate sustainability auditors.
  5. Pilot testing of Corporate Sustainability Assurance Programme.

Sustainability Assurance programmes can help:

  • Enable effective planning, a structured approach and accountability that reaches across organisational boundaries.
  • Create a platform to identify new sustainability initiatives in areas never previously considered.
  • Provide Comprehensive snapshot of all sustainability activities, on a period to period basis.
  • Enable realisation of core benefits - reductions in costs, risks, drive innovation, ensure compliance and gain competitive edge.