Supply Chain Management

The investment community increasingly expects corporations to be responsible for the management of environmental, social and governance issues in their supply chain. We enable you to develop a strategy for assessing and managing the environmental and social impacts in your supply chain by analysing supply chains of private and public organisations to identify how key sustainability issues are being managed. We provide a tailored approach to ensure that our clients are able to seamlessly integrate processes.

Our services includes:

  • Supply chain assessment — Analysis of supply chains and identification of social and environmental risk and innovation possibilities for products and services.
  • Sustainable supply chain management systems — using custom-made solutions we provide clear roadmaps to ensure effective risk management, collaboration, and innovation across the supply chain. We develop policies and codes, monitoring systems, capacity development initiatives, and can assist with the integration of these into existing processes and structures, and operational plans.
  • Vendor Audits – Provision of support in the assessment, monitoring and achievement of performance improvements throughout your company's supply chain. We support you throughout implementation of codes and standards like SA8000, Fairtrade, BSCI, ETI, Corporate Codes of Conduct, and Global Compact.
  • Sustainable supplier development programs — Design and implement full-fledged programs to generate knowledge, raise awareness and understanding, and develop capacities in suppliers for sustainable management (social compliance, environmental management and ethics).