Stakeholder Engagement & Change Management

The Zoic value of “working together to achieve sustainable outcomes” is easy for our clients to relate. For this reason, our stakeholder engagement, management, and training services are genuine, effective and have a long-lasting impact.

Stakeholder engagement is important when considering pertinent issues that may affect your operating environment, particularly in areas immediately upstream (e.g. Tier 1 suppliers) and downstream (e.g. consumers) in the supply chain. We can map stakeholder groups, plan stakeholder engagement activities, and manage the responses into actionable items. We offer networks and support, to assist your sustainability strategies succeed through engaging stakeholders at entry level, both inside and outside of your organisation. We can implement training to your suppliers that will ensure that they understand your requirements. Our training programs can be extended to your staff for stakeholder management.

We can help you:

  • Develop Corporate Sustainability Performance Manual/Requirements, which can be presented to suppliers;
  • Develop communication and consultation strategies, which lift stakeholder engagement performance;
  • Develop strategic relationship plans, including communication strategies with upstream areas of your supply chain;
  • Develop internal benchmarks for corporate sustainability performances and reporting templates, including the development of internal training, and pilot testing corporate sustainability assurance programmes.
  • Develop Change management approach for embedding into your organisation.
  • Update or provide training to your qualified suppliers/services providers