Contaminated Site Assessment & Risk Assessment

Using a combination of proven methodology and state of the art methodologies maximises a project's outcomes. We know what data needs to be collected and what the results mean for your site or development. Where others see stumbling blocks, we find solutions

  • Our services include:
    • Phase 1: Preliminary Site Investigation
    • Phase 2: Detailed Site Investigations
    • Remediation Action Plans
    • SEPP 55 Assessments
    • Validation
    • Monitoring and Management - development of Environmental Management Plans, and site monitoring programmes
    • Hydrogeological Assessments
      • Aquifer interference and dewatering evaluations
      • Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models
    • Quantitative  and Qualitative Risk Assessments
      • Human Health
      • Ecological
      • Hazardous Ground Gas (landfill and vapour)
      • Chemical Fate and Transport

This unique approach enables you to:

  • Reduce costs through a well planned approach and design to best consider the contamination onsite
  • Reduce legal liability risks from government agencies.
  • Optimise land value
  • Create a sustainable corporate license to operate