Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Begin with the end in mind! Effective remediation begins with options feasibility assessment assessment linking your future needs to an appropriate remedial strategy. We balance a site's remedial cost with your appetite for ongoing liability. 

  • We provide the full range of services from design, supervision and management of remediation projects including:
    • Remediation design for soil, groundwater or hazardous ground gas
    • Advice on best remediation options by evaluating cost, time, ongoing liability, acceptance by regulators and availability of technology
    • Review and identification of best disposal options
    • Decommissioning, demolition and remediation services
      • Waste classification
      • Underground service tanks (USTs)
      • Bioremediation
      • Chemical inject and stabilisation
      • Cap and containment

The benefits we provide are:

  • Highly experienced team with technical knowledge accrued through a range of companies and remediation projects
  • Comprehensive understanding of legal framework underpinned by a good relationship with regulatory authorities
  • Wide exposures to a variety of remedation strategies and technological solutions
  • Commitment to understanding client requirements
  • Delivery of quality on time and on budget