Modern Slavery Act

The passage of Modern Slavery Acts in both NSW and the Australian Commonwealth in 2018 will have a transformative effect on Human Rights Management in Australia. This is the first major piece of legislation that compels entities to demonstrate their non-financial performance.

The Acts require companies with over $50 million annual revenue in NSW and $100 million annual revenue nationally to produce a Modern Slavery Statement each year. The Statements must disclose activities that assess, monitor and remediate (where necessary) the risk of modern slavery in supply chains. Entities that pass this threshold can no longer claim ignorance, given the multi-million dollar fines, and significant reputational damage, associated with non-compliance.

We provide advice to our clients to ensure compliance with these new requirements. We help our clients realise the significant impact their procurement practices and supply chain management can have on livelihoods. We can help you

  • Complete risk assessments, which identify areas of your supply chain at high risk of human rights abuses and modern slavery;
  • Develop processes to readily respond to and address these risks of human rights abuses;
  • Draft reporting statements that meet legislative requirements, and that can be signed off by Board members; and
  • Implement training programs for employees and suppliers.

Our services include:

  • Identification of Risks associated with business activities, geographies, products and assessment of corporate priorities;
  • Development of management framework tailored to the organisation’s existing management programmes, identification of key goals and targets, development of key performance indicators;
  • Assistance with implementation of systems and processes allowing for accurately and efficiently collecting and collating information;
  • Capacity building and training internally for employees and externally for suppliers and contractors;
  • Due diligence and Monitoring programmes including in-country inspections and audits of manufacturing facilities to provide additional levels of surety;
  • Development and management of remedial actions to ensure suppliers are compliant with the acts and an organisation's policies and procedures;
  • External reporting – development of external modern slavery statement, and/or sustainability reporting

In today’s competitive market, the ability to demonstrate sound environmental and social governance of a supply chain is providing commercial benefits, and compliance with the Modern Slavery Acts is no different.

We help organisations recognise the immediate and long-term value of the protection of human rights. We emphasise integrity, transparency and accountability in ensuring that our clients meet both their human rights obligations and their business imperatives, including the demands of stakeholders.