Human Rights Management

Building strong relationships between business and the protection of human rights bring business benefits in today’s business environment. Integrity, transparency and responsibility are key factors in ensuring that corporations fulfill today’s business imperative and needs of international investors.

For many companies working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, the management of human rights is essential for the achievement of these goals.

Zoic provides a range of services to help corporations understand and manage human rights issues, including modern slavery, internally or within their supply chains. We work closely with associates located in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and China.

Our services include:

  • Identification of Risks associated with business activities, geographies, products and assessment of corporate priorities.
  • Development of management framework tailored to the organisation’s existing management programmes, identification of key goals and targets, development of key performance indicators.
  • Advise on communications programme, management and board reporting considerations and mechanisms.
  • Analysing and auditing the company’s practices and impacts, products, services and relationships.
  • Developing supply chain due diligence programmes including establishment of key performance indicators, monitoring and tracking initiatives.
  • Capacity building programmes to ensure relevant employees managing procurement as well as suppliers and contractors are appropriately trained.
  • External reporting – development of external modern slavery statement, and/or sustainability reporting.