Hazardous Ground Gas Management

Because the presence of hazardous ground gases could affect a site (legally, safety or financially) through a property lifecycle, we identify, quantify and design mitigation solutions providing tailored, practical and effective solutions to hazardous ground gas problems.

Our specialised hazardous ground gas experience includes investigation of hazardous ground gases, interpretation of monitoring data and quantitative design of protection measures. We can:

  • Characterise the gas source identifying potential risks that may exist
  • Investigate identified risks through installation and monitoring wells
  • Assess data to understand risks posed to the site or neighbouring land uses
  • Design site specific hazardous ground gas protection measures
  • Complete quality assurance inspections of protection measures installations
  • Design and implement Environmental Management Plans to control residual risks

Good hazardous ground gas management can:

  • Reduce risk - By managing hazardous ground gases the risk of accidental exposure and untoward incidences onsite, as well as legal liabilities
  • Reduce Cost and time delays - identification of appropriate mitigation designs appropriate to the type of gas saves time and money
  • Optimising Site - Appropriate hazardous gas mitigation measures enables developers to optimise the land value of the site.