Environmental Sustainability

As the importance of non-financial reporting grows, we are assisting our clients to realise the influence that environmental performance can have on revenue. This is an area where our different service arms, including environmental investigation team, audit team and sustainability team, can combine to produce long-term benefits for our clients.

We have helped our clients realise economic savings through sustainability measures, i.e. by:

  • Implementing waste reduction and resource conservation measures;
  • Acting as a turn-key for circular economy measures;
  • Improving decision-making of clients by measuring and managing environment, social and governance risks

We also draft monitoring and evaluation programs for sustainability measures. Too often, sustainability measures are rolled out without a plan to assess them. We can assist you to achieve your goals by embedding monitoring and evaluation of sustainability performance into existing systems. This enables transparent and timely reporting and is an important part of demonstrating progress towards sustainability metrics.

We can help your organisation:

  • Provide a risk assessment of high-risk areas of environmental impact from your entity’s operations;
  • Enable effective planning by establishing a structured approach to environmental performance within an organisation;
  • Establishing accountability for sustainability metrics, that crosses organisational boundaries;
  • Create a platform to identify new sustainability initiatives in areas not previously considered;
  • Provide a comprehensive snapshot of all sustainability activities, on a period to period basis;
  • Enable realisation of core benefits – reductions in costs, risks, drive innovation, ensure compliance and gain a competitive edge;
  • Assist in the production of a sustainability report, which can be promoted to stakeholders.

We also have an environmental consulting team, which can provide a full range of investigation, management and remediation services for environmental issues.