Environmental, Health and Safety Management

We help you build environmental management systems for the future by embedding sustainable operations into your environmental management systems to streamline and improves efficiency.

Our Management offerings include:

  • Building environmental, health and safety management systems
    • Gap assessment
    • Compliance assurance and management
    • Environmental, health and safety risk management - due diligence
    • Environmental, health and safety assurance – enhancing internal EHS audit programs
    • Integrating management systems: ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO14046, ISO50000, ISO9000
    • Integrating sustainability programmes into EHS management
  • Environmental Management Plans
    • Developing and implementing HSE performance measures, demonstration of continual improvements
    • Developing sustainable operational efficiency plans – Carbon Disclosure Project, NGER, energy efficiency, water management
    • Construction/Contaminated Site Management
  • Environmental Services
    • Resource efficiency/waste management
    • Expansion and Closure Planning