Environmental, Health and Safety Due Diligence Audits

Investing in a business or a property requires careful consideration and understanding of risks. We help you integrate the merits and risks associated with your acquisition or de-merger.

Combined, we have conducted over 1000 environmental, health and safety due diligence audits throughout Asia-Pacific.

  • Our Phase 1 Audit process involves:
    • Review and verification of site historical environmental, health and safety information
    • Review of current and past legal compliance
    • Site visits to identify current environmental, health and safety operational status
    • Review current management systems and internal control processes
    • Identify environmental, health and safety liabilities - legal and financial
    • Provide risk reduction action plans with financial implications through a financial materiality threshold
  • Our Phase 2 site investigation process involves:
    • Conducting intrusive sampling to identify the nature and extent of environmental impacts
    • Recommend mitigation measures to a financial materiality threshold


A thorough due diligence ensures you:

  • Avoid risk - providing protection against environmental, health and safety liabilities and third party claims
  • Understands the sources of liability with an understanding of techniques or tools available to control or mitigate
  • Invest in sound environmental management practice
  • Protect brand and reputation