Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Auditing

By evaluating environmental, health and safety legal compliance throughout your operational life cycle and flagging  operational non-compliance we help you drive operational improvements and reduce risk.

The suite of services for compliance auditing comprise:

  • Independent Environmental Audit under the Department of Planning and Environment (June 2018) Post Approval Requirements
    • Site Significant Development (SSD) consent conditions
    • Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) requirements
  • Environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance audits with regards to:
    • Workplace health and safety
    • Environmental best practice and regulations
    • Water, air and waste regulation
    • Assessing legal compliance status in Asia
    • Corporate compliance
  • Corporate compliance audits of operational footprint
    • Global corporate compliance programmes integrated with domestic legal requirements
    • Country by country adaptation and integration
    • Wide industrial sector experience
    • Clear and concise reporting with action plans developed on a site-by-site basis
  • Development of environmental, health and safety legal registers
    • Review of existing EHS legal registers
    • Gap identification
    • Development of register
    • Provision of regular updates

Compliance auditing across organisations results in a reduction of risk profile and achievement of better operational performance.