Strategic Carbon Management

Businesses need to identify the full range of impacts that carbon emissions and climate change may have on their activities. We can help you identify and implement strategies to enhance the economic and environmental performance of your business.

Our Strategic Carbon Management services allows organisations to:

  1. Assess existing management programmes – operations, employees, supply chain, stakeholders, metrics
  2. Assist in measuring organisational footprint and conduct hotspot analysis of consumption
  3. Assist in developing prioritised action plans that will track and demonstrate performance, linking consumption rates with financial indicator. Action plans can be developed will be for the short or longer term to build an emissions management plan
  4. Assist in data and reporting preparation for disclosure to GRI and CDP
  5. Capitalise on carbon reduction programmes with energy management (NGER) and mandatory reporting requirements.

Our approach allows businesses to:

  1. Identify any gaps to mandatory or voluntary programmes, or for senior management
  2. Develop integrated policies and ensure that responsibilities for carbon, energy and sustainability management are shared
  3. Develop a culture and communication processes that will help all staff understand the role they can play in carbon, energy and sustainability initiatives across the organisation
  4. Engage management to increase their understanding and therefore help in identifying cost saving opportunities