Strategic Water Management Services

Good water stewards understand the shared risk of water governance and consumption. Understanding and identifying water management risks allows for collective actions that benefit the natural and built environment.

Our water stewardship services allow organisations to report on the CDP water questionnaire.

  • Water management hierarchy starts with:
    • Organisational water footprint – identification of water risks within boundaries of control.
    • Water risk in the supply chain – what supply chain water risks to the organisation and product/services?
    • Sustainable water assessment – what risks are posed by organisational activities, and contractors/suppliers, on the local community? Are best practice management required?
    • Strategic Sustainable Water Management – development of water management programmes to reduce use, improve discharge quality and reduce both organisation and community risks.
    • Disclosure – public disclosure through CDP and GRI. Have enough data points been established to report effectively? Are customer/local stakeholder expectations met?
  • The benefits are:
    • Assess and prepare for the future risks to organisational water use
    • Identify ways to reduce the environmental impacts of current and future water use
    • Improve efficiency at product, process and organisation levels
    • Share knowledge and best practice with industry and government
    • Meet customer expectations of increased environmental responsibility